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New Alliance Media Group was founded in 2001 to create cooperation and innovation in content creation and distribution between the United States and foreign markets. Its founders represent a cross-section of cultural influences, which is symbolic of the fusion of programming it produces and represents by sharing the beauty of the worlds' locations and the many talents of their diverse people.

Today, NAMG offers the following services:

  • Development of original broadcast series
  • Domestic distribution of content produced overseas
  • Online Political Content Development and Distibution
  • Website Development
  • Streaming Media Production, Encoding, Hosting, and delivery.
  • Remote and Studio Production Services

King Arthur's Kingdom
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Follow the life of Arthur, the Tibetan macaque tribe king, as well as that of his subjects and family as you witness the triumph of their turf wars and the cruelty of death and jealousy, which ultimately are realities of life.

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